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White Paper Version 1
Disrupt Finance – XRPT

A Global DEFI solution to managing and converting your crypto assets into real life assets, helping business start-ups and expanding existing businesses. User friendly, fast blockchain with extreme focus on security. At the heart of our ethos is funding via community driven decisions and helping environmental climate issues with every transaction!

Thank you from our Dev team

Thank you for taking the time to read yet another white paper!

Our team of 4 like-minded individuals with an unwavering passion in DEFI and all things crypto have been working round the clock to provide users & investors with DSRP. We envisage DSRP to be the link between the crypto world and real-world assets. Allowing consumers and investors, financial opportunities outside the scope and control of centralised financial corporations.

DSRP Ethos is community driven with a strong commitment to fund world climate issues with every transaction. DSRP Crypto Den is a unique community funding project that helps us to be transparent and decentralised.


Our vision is clear and will develop over time and in the correct order to maximise on the impact DSRP utility will have.

DSRP holders and climate change foundations will benefit in the rapid increase in value while the token is put to work in real-life projects.

Disrupt finance – DSRP will be developing an unrivalled security focused blockchain with superfast speeds.

Specifically dedicated to DEFI services on a Global scale such as P2P, staking, yield farming, investor loans, development loans, business loans, mortgages, security audits, DSRP wallet, Retail payment solutions and much more.

Disrupt finance – DSRP intends to overcome this with an amazing front end system that users should expect and can be easily navigated. Our mission is seamless access to decentralized financial services linked to real world assets, causing stability unlike volatile crypto, whilst giving back to the world climate issues.

The Problem

Crypto currencies cannot be invested the way traditional fiat currency can be.

This is due to the way our current financial institutions work. For example, people are crypto rich and could not go and buy a house or pay to start a business with their crypto easily. People like to Hodl their currency and would need to cash in their crypto to start their business or buy a house, which brings so many tax implications.

It can also be a huge and terrifying learning curve sending crypto via complicated platforms in the hope to achieve your end result without losing your crypto!


Disrupt finance – DSRP intends to overcome this with an amazing front end system that users should expect and can be easily navigated.

With seamless access to decentralized financial services linked to real world assets, causing stability unlike volatile crypto, whilst giving back to the world climate issues.

Our platform will link direct to your cold wallet and you will hold your keys, you are in control! All your crypto needs in one place through our dedicated DApps. Stake your coins and earn interest rather than sit idle, increasing your crypto wealth. Or borrow other currencies against your crypto so you don’t have to realise your profit and pay huge tax bills, whilst still hodling your crypto, you can get your crypto back at anytime.




your crypto currencies with ease on our mobile, desktop and hardware wallets.

The front end DSRP wallet will have Dedicated DApps for every Crypto & DEFI need. To start with a select amount of DApps will be available, with more being introduced shortly after.

DeFi DApps Available

Showing summary and detailed information in real-time. Prices, movement, charts, history and everything about your portfolio.

This is where you can send, receive, stake and move your crypto about so easily.

Is where you can instantly exchange your currencies linked to your wallet with no account sign up, its so easy and user friendly. No need to visit numerous exchanges and move currencies round.

Deposit DAI to receive interest, no limits and withdraw anytime.

Place your bets on any sport with ease and no need to sign up to numerous betting sites, again all linked to your wallet.

Stake, borrow, lend all in one place directly linked to your wallet. You hold all the keys. No credit checks, no fees, instant decision.

Defi Lending

DeFi lending is quick, decentralised and transparent unlike traditional finance loans.

Using SMART contracts to automate the process for all party’s involved from application to returning the loan. Just transfer your crypto as collateral and receive the loan in whatever currency you want. No need for due diligence checks or KYC as you are staking your own coin as collateral and not your house or physical assets.

  • No Fees

  • No Credit Checks

  • Extremely Low Interest Rates

  • Instant Decision

How DSRP Works

Lenders transfer their fiat or crypto into DSRP via a smart contract that then portions their loan into DSRP at current trading price.

During the loan period, which can be terminated by the lender at any point, interest is paid daily through the SMART contract. Once the lender redeems their loan the DSRP is returned to them at the same investment price of fiat or crypto, linked to the trading price of DSRP, plus interest earned. This is all instant via the SMART contract.

Borrowers transfer their crypto collateral and this is locked away in cold storage. A 70% loan is received in fiat, which the smart contract exchanged from the funding pool instantly. The loan is paid back in DSRP which is instantly converted to repay the loan and interest in which ever currency is required.

Lenders buy DSRP
to fill a pool

Borrowers take
fiat but pay back in DSRP

This allows both party’s to Hodl their crypto, earn interest and realise real-life projects.

The Future

DEFI is here to stay and will become more mainstream as the CBDC’s (Central Banks Digital Currencies) are introduced over the coming years.

Even through the recent significant crypto market correction the DEFI sector was virtually unaffected. This is due to the liquidity of the market, decentralisation and because DEFI finance is credit based, unlike the current debt based financial system.

DSRP will grow rapidly and become a leading company continually developing and paving the way in new DEFI projects.

DSRP will be the DEFI industry standard and go to company for business start-up, finance, auditing and blockchain security.

As DSRP develops, tokenisation of real-world assets such as property and businesses will be a huge expansion of growth. Governments are preparing to digitise everything and we will be positioned to take advantage of this new and immense sector!


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